Where is manufactured my machine ?

Où est fabriquée ma machine ? Origine France garantie sur tous les produits Pubert

Pubert, a french manufacturer since 1840

Discover where is manufactures your machine

All our products made for your gardening are devised, created, build and manufactured in our plants in France. This French origin is a clear message of constant quality, top-notch expertise since many years. You have a tiller branded PUBERT with the sticker « Made in France » and you would like to discover where it is produced. Please, follow our instructions and fill in the field below, with your Serial Number.

What number can be entered?

The number to enter is 9 or 10 digits. Preliminary figures
being greater than 1509.


Where to find the serial number?

It is present on the manufacturer label affixed to the chassis of your machine.

Enter your serial number (ex : 1510302141) :
Only products built from 01/09/2015 are listed in this new tool at your disposal.