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Discover our “made in france” tillers

For many years, Pubert is the worldwide leader in tiller manufacturing, with machines specially created for vegetable gardening, and various features thanks to additional accessories. Those machines are entirely created and built in our factory of Chantonnay, in Vendee. Each tiller is created for lasting a lot of time and guarantee you a total satisfaction. This heavy duty tiller is designed specifically for professional users and rental stores who are breaking new ground day after day. It can be used for tilling, plowing or using many accessories depending on customer’s requests.
Pubert Maestro is built using a 4-stroke engine on the front, an oil bath transmission and a multi-plates clutch system for a strong and durable tiller.
The Pubert expertise in tiller design allows also this powerful machine to be easy and comfortable to operate.

Discover the Pubert® MAESTRO tiller, a concentrate of innovation for your garden.

Petrol power tiller