Winter storage

I have finished my season works with my machine. What should I do before winter ?

  • Empty the fuel tank in an aerated place and clean it.
  • Eliminate the fuel in compliance with environment protection regulations
  • Run the engine at idle speed without accelerating until the carburetor is completely empty, in order to prevent the fuel membranes from huddle together
  • Clean the whole machine, the working tools as well as the cylinder fins and engine air filter.
  • Keep the machine in a dry place.

What I should do before starting the machine ?

Put oil and ensure of the level while respecting its quality (see user manual provided with the machine).

For a tiller, a brushcutter or a scarifier equipped with gearbox, check the oil level of the transmission (EP 80/90). For more details, consult the section: PRODUCT CHOICE AND PRODUCTS MAINTENANCE.

Preferably fill up the tank with lead-free fuel 95, optionally with an additive (See Chapter ENGINE)

Respect the starting procedure mentioned in user manual.