What is the difference between a tiller and a cultivator ?

A tiller is a self-propelled machine designed to be driven by feet, with or without front or rear transport wheel, and to be propelled by its working tools (tines). Pubert is the world leader in front tines tillers manufacturering.

A cultivator is a self-propelled machine equipped with tractor type wheels and designed to be driven by feet, to activate or drive various working tools located at the rear of this traction equipment.

Why did my tiller’s belt get worse ?

The belt slip is to avoid totally. Symptoms: the machine jerks or the tines do not turn anymore.

If the belt slips on the engine pulley, this metallic pulley will suffer a temperature increase. If the belt repeatedly or durably slips, the temperature rises very high. It will damage the belt. Once the machine is stopped, the belt is static, the pulley still burning heats it locally, and at the next start, some parts of the belt can break away.
Clutching cable adjustment: use the pin on the clutching cable to adjust the belt’s tension.
Conform use of the machine: always activate fully the tools clutching control. To stop the tools, release the control.
Do not let the engine turn at no load. Start to work as soon as possible.
Respect the capacity and function of the machine.

The rear gear no longer holds on, what should I do ?

Firstly, you need to set up the cable which activates the reverser. It is important to use the reverser in the best conditions. Follow the procedure indicated in the manual.

If the symptoms persist, please contact your dealer.

The reversing device does not run anymore, should I change the complete device ?

For the machines produced before March 2015, you can change the complete device or have it repaired by changing the 3 main components:
Reference of the complete reversing device: 8300000101
Reference of the repairing kit: 0002050008: included the white polymer pinion + jaw clutch + fork.

What is the use of the locking differential system on the Quatro Senior and on the snow thrower ?

The locking differential is a system enabling the cultivator or the snow thrower to change direction effortlessly. The right or left axle’s driving is unclutched, initiating thus the rotation of the machine

I plan to buy a tiller equipped with a rotor R180 Pubert, are you the manufacturer of this rotor ?

Pubert produces large quantities of tillers in Vendée for different famous brands. From design to assembly, we make the whole machine but we implant the  engine purchased direclty to the manufacturer this for Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Subaru and other engines brands. The engine R180 isn’t produced by Pubert, but by a major engine manufacturer that we selected. It is reliable and robust, equipped with professional oil bath filter, tested on French and export market. We equip an important number of tillers with this engine for many years. This is why, we insure the 2 years warranty and the supply of spare parts list of this engine range at a very good value through our network.

What is the lifestime of your tiller Tillence batteries ?

The lifestime is around 100 to 200 cycles, non-contractual information because this is variable according to storage conditions, to the respect of instructions charge (cf. charger’s manual), discharge (stop working when the machine goes into “displacement” mode or automatically cuts)


How maintain batteries of your tiller Tillence ?

Never store an empty battery pack.

Reload entirely the batteries after each use even if they aren’t totally empty.

During period of non-use, make at least a charge cycle every 3 months. We can also let the battery permanently connected to the charger which will  pass automatically in “Floating” mode and deliver the minimum  to the batteries to keep them in loading order.

Storage conditions: between 15°C min to 40°C max – in a clean and dry place.