Spare parts

How long can I get the spare parts for my Pubert tiller ?

We guarantee the availability of usual spare parts for all our products at least 10 years after purchase.

Where can I get the spare parts ?

The factory does not supply customers directly. In order to give you a proximity service, PUBERT distributes the spares parts through a certificated dealer network. Don’t hesitate to contact our dealers PUBERT to check the availability of the spare parts required and use our spare parts catalog provided with our machine. If they are not available in stores, order it.

Where can I get the accessories for my machine ?

The Pubert’s dealers network delivers compatible accessories with your machine, do not hesitate to ask them more information.

What is the delivery time for a spare part ?

According to their availability, the spare parts are usually delivered in our dealers in 48 or 72 hours.

How know the availability of a spare part ?

Consult your nearest Pubert’s dearler: see the module “STORES

Why buy a Pubert spare part ?

Pubert Spare parts give insurance of comfort and security of optimal use. They insure an optimal functioning and longevity of your product. In parallel, they allow you to beneifit of your Pubert warranty during all its period.