What is the difference between a scarifier, aerator and detacher ?

The scarifier or lawn aerator is a device equipped with vertical blades allowing to cleave and penetrate the lawn, so to aerate and regenerate our lawn while removing the foam.

The detacher is a device equipped with teeth springs. This accessory, to be fixed on your tiller, allows scrubbing or combing the lawn and thus, removing foam and dead grass that infect your lawn.

What is the maximal working depth with our scarifiers ?

The goal is to restore the vegetation cover and not to return the lawn, knives should sink into the land in maximum 4 mm. It is the value that we advise on all our range  of scarifiers, from amateur model to professional model.

The adjustement ranges on our scarifiers is superior in order to offset blade wear
We recommend having two crossed passages and you can make a superficial seeding once scarified.