Which fuel should I use ?

All the 4-stroke engines equipping tillers, brushcutters, scarifiers, shredders and snow throwers Pubert runs on with laed-free fuel. Preferably use 95 lead-free, recent, stored away from heat in appropriate and hydrocarbon resistant jerry cans.

Is my machine and motor are compatible with the SP95-E10 or E85 fuel ?

All our machines are compatible with the SP95-E10 or E85 fuel. The E85 and fuels which have more than 10% of Ethanol are not compatible with all Pubert products.

How long can I keep my fuel ?

It is recommended to change the fuel from your machine beyond 3 weeks without use.  Fuel should be stored in small quantities in a sealed jerry cans specially adapted to hydrocarbons. If you plan to keep our fuel more than 3 weeks, it is necessary to use a stabilizer right after the purchase of your fuel. This will increase your fuel shelf life.

Which oil should I put into the engine of my machine ?

The type and quantity of engine oil are indicated in the user manual of the machine. You can also refer to the engine utilization manual or contact the engine manufacturer to get information on the oil use. Web Address of engine websites:


What is the difference between  OHC and OHV engines ?

Both are 4-stroke engines that allow you working on strong slopes up to 20° (so 36%). The OHC is a camshaft head engine, lighter and quieter than other engines with optimized productivity and “clean” through improved carburation.

How can I get the engine spares parts ?

All the engine spares parts are available at authorized repairers of each brand. To know the name and address of distributors, simply connect on the website corresponding to the engine brand that you wish.


Morever, if you have the exact type and model of your motor, you could consult its spare parts list.

What are the benefits of 4-stroke engines ?

Pubert Company has chosen to equip all its heat products of 4-stroke engines, in a continuous search for environment respect. This technology allows no longer to making oil-gasoline mixture, to facilitate the start and improve fuel consumption.

The engine of my tiller is equipped with an oil bath filter, how maintain it ?

This high performance filtration is designed to extend the lifetime of your tiller engine. During preparation of your tiller, YOU MUST PUT THE OIL IN THE TANK FILTER: POURING NEW OIL SAE 10W30. The oil filling level is indicated on the tank.
Change air filter oil every 25h or once a year. Regularly clean the filter, especially in dusty atmosphere.