brush cutter

What kind of material is the housing of your wheeled brush cutter made of ?

The housing of the brushcutter is a key piece defining the lifestime of machine. The brushcutters blade guards are all made in superior quality steel. A robotic system apply a coat of powder epoxy, then the piece are put in the oven to polymerize the coat of paint. So, the blade guards are mechanically very resistant to shocks and wear, as well as to corrosion, scratches and ultraviolet.

What the « dead man” safety device ?

Concerned by security and physical integrity of persons, “Pubert” has included at all his wheeled brushcutter range, the “dead man” safety device which stop instantly the engine and the blade once user release the handle.

Can I use my wheeled brush cutter in a sloping floor ?

To keep a good engine lubrification (which is carried out by bubbling), engine manufacturers advise:
Possibility to work in a slope of 15° (26%) in  a continuous use.
A maximal slope of 20° (36%) by intermittently of short periods.

What’s it use clutch of blade on some models of brush cutters for ?

In your range of wheeled brushcutters, the mowers brushcutters have the blade toward on the engine crankshaft. However, there is an additional bearing which maintain and guide the hub on which one is fixed the blade.

So, It encase the shock which could be caused during the cutting. Nevertheless, if the shock is more violent (strain, rock), the crankshaft could be damaged.

The forestry range is equipped of a remoted blade guard. So, they are a belt between the engine and the axle blade. During a brutal shock, the belt spins and the engine cannot be damaged.

This independent blade clutch is useful for use the traction of machine, to move it without making the blade turn

I don’t find the bleed screw on my brush cutter, how drain off the oil ?

Regarding the change of vertical axis engines, there’s no accessible bleed screw on this engines. So, you have two solutions to drain off oil:

1: Change by suction if you are equipped of a suction oil system
2: Otherwise, by tilting the engine on the side:

– Close the fuel valve to reduce the risk of gas leakage.
– Put an appropriate container on the slide of the engine to collect the used oil
– Remove the cap dipstick and drain the oil in the container by tilting the motor toward the oil filler neck.

Drain off the engine oil when the motor is hot. The oil will flow faster and completely.

For more information, follow the instructions of the manual supplied with the machine or download it on the engine manufacturer’s website thanks to the model number indicated on the engine.

Otherwise, you can do the maintenance of your material to a professional

What is the chain kit proposed in option on some brush cutters for ?

The chain kit is destined to arid and stony land in which we can rapidly risk to damage the blade or the engine due to a shock. As they are flexible, chains are less fragile.