Easy Go system

Launched on the market by Pubert in 2017: an electric starting Easy Go on a petrol engine tiller. This system combines the heat engine power for tines driving and the starting easiness and reliability of an electric device.


The electric starter is powered by a battery integrated in the machine. It allows starting with only one finger pressure.

No more pulling on the recoil starter!


The Pubert tiller whiwh is equipped with this technology is the Ecomax “EasyGo”. A compact tiller, easy to maneuver, with a 80cm working width, powered by a 212cc engine.


Easy to use :

Simply connect the charger to the machine to charge the integrated battery.

15 minutes of charge are enough for 30 starts*

The complete charge insure 80 starts*


The command is located on the handlebar. A single finger pressure on the START button starts immediately the engine effortlessly!


*The number of starts can variate depending of the using conditions and temperature.