Our expertise

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An acquired experience over the years

Since its creation, Pubert takes advantage of its long experience in soils cultivation to create and produce innovative, efficient, easy to use and resistant garden machinery tools with very attractive prices.

The company spend an important part of its turnover for the research and development of new technologies. Each year, it drops new patents, brands and products. It allows to anticipate the variations of the market and still sells “Made in France” products in adequacy.

The components of the Pubert’s machines are submitted to a precise analysis, the objective is to improve constantly the ratio performance/production price.

Customer Testimonials

Martineau Company, PUBERT COMPACT

An efficient machine, easy to use and without many maintenance

Mr Renaudeau, PUBERT ELITE

I am very satisfied of my Pubert tiller, it’s maneuverable which makes easy to work on difficult terrains. Moreover, its additional tines allows to adapt the tiller at the working area

Mr Bluteau, PUBERT Oscar

When we arrived at the Pubert’s store, a competent salesman welcomed us and he advised us for the purchase of a scarifier. Indeed it’s the perfect machine we were searching, with optimals compactness and power

Mr Moncenis, L Junior and L Senior

Hello, I am very satisfied of my 2 machines : Pubert L Junior and Pubert L Senior. Your wheeled brushcutter are very good and French. It’s important to me to find some different advices on internet when you decide to buy this kind of products. Unfortunately Pubert is not enough present on advertising. Junior and Senior : as flexible as an hydraulic but simpler and less heavy. The simpler and efficient that I know! In addition, this is a real scalable material: grinding blade, chain kit… I have only one complaint, when I turn back bushes and scrubs stay stuck in between housing and the machine but this problem can be improved easily I think. Best regards.