snow clearance

Les conseils Pubert sur le déneigement

The snow clearance or snow removal

Some advices for clearing your terrain of snow

The snow clearance can sometimes be essential for the accessibility of your terrain. It is often primordial for the public buildings located in snowy regions. Depending on the soil, your machine and the weather, the technics of snow clearance can change. Here you can find some advices about the methods for using the Pubert’s snow throwers.


The clearing of snow from the streets and roads is done with specialized vehicles by the public service. But private accesses are managed by their owners. The snow clearing is important to maintain the security, accessibility, and economic activity. For the individual, this task mainly means clearing the snow around the house, on the driveways, in the garden, on the sidewalk...For the professional, it can be entrance gates and driveways, pedestrian walkways, narrow tracks, parking, terraces… There are risks when clearing the snow that we must evaluate before starting. These risks are bonded to weather conditions, snow quantity, place to clear (slope, accessibility).


Manual snow removal It requires a lot of energy, to push or lift important quantities of snow. 5kgs of snow per shovel, for 15 or 30 minutes represents a huge lifted weight. With a shovel, the working position is a bent position, which can cause pains in the back, to the shoulders and arms. So clear the snow this way can only be limited to small surfaces or in areas with only few snowfalls Mechanical snow removal Should you live in high altitude with great snowfalls, or in plains, should you be an individual or a professional, the snow thrower limits considerably the physical burden and helps in clearing important surfaces of snow in very short times. The machine can clear the fresh snow of the night, or the several weeks old hard snow layers. We recommend the user to wear waterproof boots with a good adhesion, to protect the head and ears without obstructing the view, and to wear gloves.


The snow thrower, is a motorized equipment to recover the snow accumulated on the floor and project it at a distance.

An open casing is to be directed towards the snow to clear. There are 2 steps: the recovering and disintegration of the snow, then the evacuation. The PUBERT machines have 2 distinct mechanisms for these 2 steps: this is a double-stage system. A rotating element, the more visible part of the system, called auger, with its rotation axis horizontal and perpendicular to the forward movement of the holder. It attacks, breaks up, recovers and pull the snow into the unit. Then the impeller throws the snow up and out of the chute, at high speed. The engine is specifically designed to resist to the cold. The machine runs with fuel and is towed by the wide rear wheels. A control panel enables the access to every function while walking, thanks to levers.


Electric start Convenient starting by plugging the snow thrower to an electrical socket and by pressing the ignition button. One simple pressure and you can start. Easy control and handling The controls are easy to handle. The tools clutching lock on automatically to permit the manipulation of the steering control of the discharge chute while the machine still runs. This control will let you direct and place the snow where you want. It is composed of 2 levers to manage the direction and discharging distance. The 28’’ models are equipped with a power steering system with triggers on the handlebar or with intuitive system.  The forward and rear speed range is very important. Heated handles This is very useful function, even if you wear gloves, the heated handles will help your hands warm up, even more if your gloves are wet. An on/off button on the panel will switch off this function. Retractable blades 2 steel blades one each side of the auger can be spread and set up without tool. They can break the snow walls up to 70cm height.

Special snow headlight The complete range has a special light to see and be seen better. During winter, the sun set is earlier.

Security To avoid any damages on the equipment or to the user when a solid element enter the auger (branch, stone…), the safety pins on the auger shaft will automatically break off. The tines will immediately stop turning. The transmission is protected by an impact bar. The engine has an ignition key, without it, the machine cannot be started. A snow shovel is supplied and attached to the machine for the cleaning.


The machine has 2 clutch levers, 3 operation modes are possible:

Moving only : to move safely the machine without snow clearing, activate the clutching lever.

Moving and snow clearing : To clear the snow, activate the 2 levers, then release the clutch lever of the snow clearing tools. The machine goes on working and you have a free hand to use the other controls: orientation of the expelled snow and change of the running speed. When you release the driving control, the machine stops and the tools as well.

Rotation of the working tools only : when the machine is full of snow, you can release the driving control, and use only the clutch lever of the rotating tools to go on evacuating the snow, without moving.

Snow clearing method : When you want to clear the snow from a surface or a road, you must cover the area with a regular path. Direct the discharge chute towards the place you want to put the snow. Adjust the orientation with the controls, at each turn if needed. On windy days, make sure you do not direct the snow against the wind. To get a maximum efficiency, clear the snow when it is fresh, before it thaws or frozen again. Do not decrease the engine speed during the snow clearing. Adjust the speed according to the state of the snow: high speed for the powder snow, low speed for the hard or compact snow. If the snow is hard and thick, work on a small width. For example on half the auger only. If the snow is really thick, use the forward gear, then the reverse gear then again the forward gear, in order to move gradually.