Woodcutting & shredding

Les conseils Pubert sur le broyage des branches

The shredding and composting

Some advices for reducing your vegetal waste and recycle it

The grinding is the perfect technic for quickly and efficiently reducing your vegetal waste. It could be reused in mulching to protect the soil or recycled afterwards for developing future plants with compost. You can find here some advices for using efficiently your grinding equipment and recycle your waste.


The maintenance of a garden requires the regular cutting of trees, bush, ornamental hedges. The pruning quickly produces an important volume of branches and plant residues that we do not want to keep. Once you have extracted the firewood from the cut branches, you have 2 solutions: bring the residues to a waste disposal or recycle them as soil mushing and composting thanks to a shredder. It is forbidden and polluting to burn the green wastes.


Our shredder has been designed to absorb the branches and plant residues, to cut and grind them, then blow it as shavings. Our shredder is compact and autonomous, and can be easily moved at the closest possible of the job to be done, thanks to its handle and its 2 wheels. The type of engine, electric or heat, will be determined upon the needed capacity. Our innovative cutting system is composed with an inertia rotor with knives and grinding and ejecting blades.

At first, the branch is cut in pieces by the knives on the rotating rotor.  These pieces are then grinded by one or several specifically shaped blades. The rotation of the blades blows out the shavings through a « giraffe » discharge chute, enabling the collection of the shavings off the floor directly in the trailer or in the wheelbarrow. The removable loading spout facilitates the storage by putting it on the machine frame.


Electric model : To be plugged with an electrical extension cord to the power outlet, it has a 2500W electrical engine. It enables the grinding of moderate diameter branches. This model is easy to start thanks to a simple switch, with a low noise nuisance, lightweight, and easy to store in a corner of the garage. It requires little maintenance.

Heat engine model: Completely autonomous, you just have to fill in the fuel tank and then you can use it anywhere. Depending on the model, it can grind up to 5cm diameter branches. The heat engine requires a little more maintenance than the electrical model, but not more than your mower.


Once you have started the engine, you just have to put the branches in the loading spout to have it absorbed by the machine. You can check the maximum diameter which can be grinded with a template.

Tips : Put the leaves with the branches, the mixing of wood and leaves will smoothen the grinding. If it is deciduous or green wastes, we recommend to wait after cutting to dry them. Once dry, they will be easily grinded by your shredder.

Result : Your shredder will reduce your plant residues 10 times its volume. You will obtain a well calibrated shaving to be used as soil mushing or compost. The mushing is to be spread around your bushes and plants, it preserves the humidity and freshness of the soil, avoiding thus the watering. Being an organic and plant material, its decomposition will fertilize and enrich the soil.

Security : The machines have been designed to be ergonomic, efficient and robust, but the security of the operator has not been neglected. Effectively the grinding chamber and the discharge chute are metal and closed elements. A hatch enables to empty the grinding chamber if needed, the engine is automatically stopped when the trap is opened.

The length of the loading spout prevents the hand from reaching the cutting elements. Maintenance: Do not forget to sharpen the knives for an optimized job. Finally, we recommend the use of gloves, and of hearing and eye protections.